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Africa Bulk Supplies Ltd is a Bulk affiliate company that deals solely with the manufacture of premium quality TANZANITE nails, fencing wire products such as Chainlinks, Barbedwire, Razorwire, Chickenmesh and Paints & Allied products such as Varnishes and Thinners.For more information Click ere.

Golden Land Shelters Ltd, is a real estate development and management company. It has a wide portfolio of residential and commercial properties throughout Tanzania, available for rent and for sale. For more information please send us an inquiry.

Motopoa Ltd, Is a Bulk affiliate company dealing with producing, selling and distributing of environmentally friendly cooking stoves and heating gel known as Motopoa gel, which is the substitute for other forms of cooking fuel like kerosene& gas. It is safe and healthier to use. For more information Click here.

The JENGA brand represents Quality building materials costing less than imported brands we strive to maintain high quality standard and yet enable everyone to use superior building products for any type of project.. For more information Click here.